Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Start of my Halloween Decorating

My Halloween Garland!
So I have been saving toilet paper rolls for a while now (I'm surprised my husband hasn't questioned it though) and have been waiting to think of a really cool project to do with them. I found one!

So I cut it in half, then covered it in orange scrapbook paper. Once it was dry, I poked a hole in each side and stuck wire through it.

Then I drew on a pumpkin face with a sharpie (none are the same!) and tied a green ribbon around the wire.

After finishing the pumpkins, I cut out ghost shapes, glued on googly eyes, and white glitter, (because who doesn't love sparkle?!) and stuck a wire through the top
Then I hung both the pumpkins and the ghosts on my garland over the fireplace (yes it's been there since Christmas, but I decorate it for each season!)

I'm also doing the Fall Festival at DIY Show Off. Check it out!

The DIY Show Off


  1. Goodness! How cute! I have so many toilet paper rolls saved up...not sure why, but as DIY and craft lover, I just can't part with things that MIGHT come in handy. This is such a cute idea! I hope you'll add it to the Fall Festival on Monday! :)

    Nice to "meet" you! Have a great weekend!


  2. That is adorable! I love that you came up with this idea from scratch. It certainly would have NEVER occurred to me! Very cute. Have a good week!
    pk @ room remix

  3. ok, i'm DEFINATELY going to have to copy this...better start saving my tp rolls! this is FABULOUS!!! especially love the sparkely ghosts!

  4. This is unique and SUPER cute!! What a great project this would be for my kids, they love crafting as much as I do!!

  5. So cute and it would be fun to do with the kids. Thanks for sharing your idea. I save rolls too, for some reason there always seems to be a need for them sooner or later. I'm having a giveaway this week. Stop by to visit and enter to win if you get a chance.

  6. This is such a cute, clever idea.

  7. How clever. This is such a cute idea!
    -Crystal@ Crystal's Craft Spot

  8. Love this! I passed on a BLOG AWARD to you! Take a look...

  9. So cute! I love that you gave each pumpkin a different face!

  10. This is such an awesome idea! I am going to do this with my kids! I am featuring this at

  11. WHoops! I forgot to say grab my "featured" button!

  12. I hope you'll post this to the Celebrate the Holidays party on Wed.

    Very cute, very thrifty.